Does Dress Size Matter?

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Does Dress Size Matter?

All those who go to the gym, will know the age old saying “Only what you look like in the mirror matters”. With everyone having different muscle density, different fat contents and different body types over all. Does dress size matter? 

In actual fact, it doesn’t matter at all. Some dress size 10’s have a better figure than those who are a dress size 6, and vice versa. Every man or woman you see, is structured differently from the last. For example, a girl with a slim waist, and large breasts could be a dress size 10 or 12. However, that is because her boobs will not fit into anything else. But her actually frame is only a dress size 8. There are many cases like this. 

You will find many cases like this. Also, coming across women with different, dress sizes on the lower and upper parts of their body. For example, some ladies might be a size 10 on the follow but a size 6/8 on top. Due to gym or even someone finding it harder to get rid of fat, from that part of the body. Not because she is a big girl, instead being due to the type of figure they have. 

For this reason, you should always ignore the dress size, especially when you are looking at the profile of an escort, for instance. You should always look at her photographs and admire her figure and from there, decide if that is the escort for you. 

To sum things up, a dress size does not matter, due to the fact that, it can be extremely deceiving and actually give you the wrong impression of someone and their body if that is all you are paying attention to. You should simply ignore it totally and look for their body shape instead. 

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