Is There A Dress Size Limit To Escorts?

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Is There A Dress Size Limit To Escorts?

Technically there is no limitation on that dress size an escort can be. You can be a size 4 or a size 20. It really does not matter. However, if you want to make more money, you will certainly need to look after your body. After all, that is really what you are putting on the market, when you become an escort. 

It also depends on the region. For example in London the competition is fierce, so all escort agencies require slim girls only. When you go up to Yorkshire, for example in the city of Leeds. There is not only less competition, but also there are less escorts working. So none of the escort agencies there can be so picky. At there is many Leeds escorts of different dress sizes.

For this reason, you will find that more men, book a woman of a healthy size and / or those who are petite. Therefore, a lot of agencies in particular will put a size restriction on the escorts who they work with, as they know it makes no sense representing a dress size 16, when she is not going to get any work. 

Being a BBW escort is a niche market and will only give you a very small client base. So, although there are no limitations to the size of an escort, there kind of is, in an unspoken manner. On the other hand, being anything less than a petite size 4, is going to give you an undesirable look also. More so, if you are not naturally a size 4 and try starving yourself to get there, you are going to look unhealthy and clients will not want to see you. 

A busty size 12 is about the limit really, on the upper scale of things, if you have a good selection of services on offer. However, anything above this, no agency will accept you and if you are an independent, your work will be exceptionally limited. 

However, there are genuine, written, limitations to becoming a high class escort. As they are NEVER over a dress size 8. Of course, they charge more and therefore, need to look like models and be oozing class, from every angle. They need to have high priced clothing and need to be able to fit into it, perfectly. Not having so much as a hair out of place or an extra pound on her hips. It is indeed hard work being a high class escort girl, therefore, putting a lot of effort into your body is a must. Being a size 14 will not cut it. 

If you are already an escort and are a size 12 or over and want to boost your work and reputation. Then, we are sure there is a gym near you – Sign up today and watch your work go to an all time high! 

Alternatively, if you are feeling that you are a little on the skinny side, go for a drive, 

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