Plus Size Escorts

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Plus Size Escorts

Plus size Birmingham escorts are a dress size fourteen or over. They are beautiful, healthy and energetic! Unfortunately, the media and society has led us to believe that a plus size Birmingham escort is fat. Or over weight. When the national average of female dress sizes in the UK is fourteen to sixteen! These female companions are body confident. They have a positive self-image and appreciate their bodies.  

Every plus size Birmingham escort must pass the job application process. This ensures she has what it takes to be a successful Birmingham companion. A plus size Birmingham escort must make an effort in her appearance. Just like any other type of Birmingham escort! She must wear clothes that compliments her fuller figure. Her hair, makeup and nails must be perfect. She must be attractive facially. But as beauty is in the eye of the client, she must look after her skin and teeth. A happy white smile is the first sign of beauty. A smile is the first thing a client notices when he books a plus size escort in Birmingham. 

Most importantly, a plus size Birmingham escort must have a bubbly and outgoing personality. She must be able to make conversation and listen. She needs to make the client feel relaxed and at ease. They are perfect for dinner dates because they will enjoy food with their clients. It may sound trivial, but many clients have complained on dinner dates; how uncomfortable they felt when a slim escort was ´watching her weight´. What should the client do in this situation? Does the client rudely indulge, or refrain from eating for the sake of the escort? This is not relevant with plus size Birmingham escorts!  

Big beautiful women are abbreviated to BBW´s in the Birmingham escort industry. They are curvy and voluptuous. Obese escorts are a different type of escort in the niche industry. There is a misconception that plus size escorts in Birmingham are obese or have fat rolls. They may just have a bigger bone structure or muscle under their fat deposits. ´Plus size Birmingham escorts´ should be appropriately changed to ´healthy Birmingham escorts´.   

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