When Does Your Weight Become An Health Issue

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When Does Your Weight Become An Health Issue

There are different variations of unhealthy sizes of women. But when does your size really become a health issue? 

There people on both sides of the spectrum; Those who are too thin and others who are too large. Either way, putting strain on their internal organs and damaging themselves, often permanently on the inside. With there being so many airbrushed celebs around and ladies who seem to have the perfect bodies, it is making more and more women so body ‘positive’, that it is actually damaging. 

No matter how much weight they put on, or how much they lose, when they look in the mirror, they never see their desired look, when standing in front of a mirror. Therefore, allowing their health to take a tumble and going overboard. 

The healthy bodyfat index (BMI) for your average woman, is okay to be between a BMI of 25 – 32 percent, however a top athlete should have around 15 – 20 percent. But, anything over these BMI’s or under, is considered dangerous. 

There are many things you can buy to track your body mass index, so you can be sure that your size has not become a health issue for you and that you are on the right track. 

Of course, it is advised to maintain a sensible and healthy eating plan and to do some form of exercise at least three times a week. Do this and there will be no issues with your size becoming unhealthy, for sure. Just make sure that you are eating the right amount of carbs, proteins etc for the amount of exercise you are going. If not, it could have the adverse effect and make your BMI go well under what it should be. 

But most of all ladies, learn to be happy in your own skin and to not get too caught up on your weight. The ladies and even men you see in photographs, weather it is on Instagram, in magazines or just around the internet, do not even look like that, themselves. It is simply editing done via a computer, by a professional. 

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